Dive Travel BahamasWhen Hurricane Frances hit the Bahamas in 2004, the storm did a lot of damage. But now scientists are discovering that tiny lizards swept up in that storm may be proving some of the key concepts of evolutionary biology – right before our very eyes!

The rich and diverse animal life, both in the water and on shore, is one of the joys of Bahamas dive travel. Lizards are extremely plentiful. When you go on your Caribbean scuba diving vacation to the Bahamas, you’ll be able to see many different species. During the storm, seven of those species got swept up and dropped on islands far from their original home, according to this story in the Seattle Times. Now the descendants of those lizards are being born with shorter legs and other physical adaptations that show them to be markedly different than their ancestors.

Indulge Your Inner Naturalist: Bahamas Dive Travel

When Charles Darwin was on his famous trip to the Galapagos Islands, travel and science were both the reserved province of the privileged few. Today, it’s possible for the scientifically curious – or those who just want to check out the wonders of the natural world for themselves! – to go around the world easily and affordably.

You can enjoy great live aboard diving in the Bahamas. The Aqua-Cat Liveaboard and Caribbean Explorer II are both superior boats for live aboard diving in the Bahamas, offering a wide variety of dives. Caribbean scuba diving is a great experience, with warm water, fabulous visibility, and the chance to be surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Planning Your Bahamas Dive Travel Vacation

For many people, a trip to the Bahamas is a lifelong dream. There is so much to do on a Caribbean scuba diving trip to the Bahamas! Whether you’re interested in wall diving, live aboard diving, shark diving, high speed drift diving, or tropical reef diving, we can help you put together the perfect itinerary for your Bahamas dive travel vacation.

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