JellyFISH!For the nature-loving world traveler, a chance to experience Jellyfish Lake in Palau definitely belongs on the bucket list for best scuba diving locations! This one-of-a-kind natural phenomenon is totally unlike anything else in the world. If you’re planning your next scuba diving trips to Palau – and lots of people do, for the fabulous Palau scuba diving and high class shopping and nightlife – you want to make sure an excursion to Jellyfish Lake is on your itinerary.

Scuba Diving Trips to Palau: Understanding Jellyfish Lake

Palau is an island in Micronesia. As part of its lovely geography, Palau developed a deep, isolated landlocked lake. When this lake was formed, there were some jellyfish in it. Cut off from the ocean, these jellyfish evolved to suit their now predator-free environment. They also multiplied. Thousands of years later, you can snorkel with thousands of docile, stingless jellyfish, establishing the lake as one of the best scuba diving locations to see these marvelous creatures.

While the jellyfish range in size from the almost-microscopic to the breathtaking, the vast majority are within 3-8 inches across. It can seem a little intimidating when you first enter the lake – after all, in the open ocean, a huge cloud of jellyfish is definitely a location to avoid! – but as you discover how the jellyfish respond to your presence, any fear or hesitation you may have will melt away to be replaced with the wonder of an almost magical moment.

Palau Scuba Diving Trips: The Blue Corner

Scuba divers of all ability levels enjoy the waters surrounding Palau. There is great visibility and fabulous wall diving. One of the best scuba diving locations in all of Palau is the Blue Corner. By riding the currents to the top of a ridge and using reef hooks to maintain a stationary position, divers have the ability to watch the island’s plentiful population of sharks. There are white and black tipped sharks as well as reef sharks in the region.

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