Best Diving Locations - PalauDivers in the know choose Palau when they’re planning dive trips. This island destination truly has it all: fabulous wall diving, a one of a kind natural spectacle – Jellyfish Lake, plentiful white tip, black tip, and reef sharks are all to be found beneath the waves. On shore, there are fantastic shopping and nightclubs.

For these reasons, Palau is rapidly becoming one of the best scuba diving locations for travelers from all around the world. US Navy ships are often nearby, which makes Palau the perfect setting for an idyllic rendezvous for military personnel and their loved ones.

Palau Scuba: What You Need To Know

If you’re planning your Palau scuba dive trips, keep the following facts in mind:

Palau is one of the best scuba diving locations for divers of all abilities and experience levels. If you’re a beginning scuba diver, you will enjoy Palau! The water is so clear – you won’t believe how great the visibility is.

For The Shark Lovers: Dive Palau

Are you a shark lover? Diving in Palau puts you in a prime position to spot several species of shark: white tip and black tip sharks frequent the area, as well as reef sharks.

Among the best places to watch sharks is Palau’s Blue Corner. This is where scuba divers ride the current to the wall crest and attach themselves to the rocky ledges using reef hooks. The reef hooks allow divers to remain stationary while watching sharks swimming effortlessly against the current right before their eyes.

Micronesia Travel: Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake in Palau is a unique natural setting like no other. An isolated population of jellyfish have been trapped in a land-locked lake in Palau for generations. They have no predators, and as such, have lost their stingers. You can snorkel with the jellyfish – an amazing, not-to-be-missed experience unique to this island paradise and just one of the many reasons why it is among the list of the best scuba diving locations.

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