Arenui Boutique Liveaboard

Arenui Boutique Liveaboard

The Arenui liveaboard diving boat is a traditional and magnificent Phinisi, wooden designed sailing vessel with the purpose of helping the visitors to explore the magnificent Indonesian Archipelago. On Arenui, you can explore the world’s number one site offering diverse marine life, including Raja Ampat, Alor Maluku, Komodo, and beyond! The Arenui liveaboard diving ship offers professional massage and spa treatment to our divers.

Arenui liveaboard dive ship provides a culture and style as you sail through the beautiful Colar Island. The boat is here to provide you with convenience equipped dive liveaboard, combined with artistic touches and a 5-star luxury hotel. Unlike land resorts, Arenui liveaboard dive resort drops you directly at the Indonesian dive site.

Arenui Boutique Liveaboard

The added luxurious hotel serves both international and local cuisines. Other facilities include an outdoor sky restaurant, a top-deck lounge for massages and sunbathing, as you enjoy the island views.

Arenui has 22 crews providing personalized services to a maximum of 16 guests. Join Arenui liveaboard diving team for snorkeling and diving trips. The boat is focused on diving in shallower reef systems that bring the best of marine diversity in various sites. Highlights include an opportunity to snorkel with giant mantas, dolphins, and turtles.

Arenui liveaboard diving boat focuses on the stunning Indonesian Archipelago, a paradise crammed with 5-star dive sites to match Arenui liveaboard diving 5-star and crew. Experience everything in Indonesia, from healthy coral reefs to sandy critter hide-outs. Dive Komodo for incredibly diverse marine life from nudibranchs and frogfish to schooling jacks and mola-mola (oceanic sunfish), then make your way into the Banda Sea to dive the wonders of Maluku (and visit the famous Spice Islands), but don’t forget to make time for Raja Ampat and its world-famous gorgonian sea fans, manta rays and enigmatic wobbegong sharks.

To showcase the Indonesia Archipelago, Arenui liveaboard diving team includes the annual schedule among the best dive centers during the best time of the year. The liveaboard spends May to October around the Komodo National Park area, including dive sites and landscapes from Bali across to Flores and Alor. Plus, in Komodo, the dive team allows divers to dive in the shadow of an active volcano, and feel the bubbling hot springs, and stroll on the land with the famous Komodo giant lizards. From November, the Arenui liveaboard diving team heads towards Ambon in Maluku and the Banda Sea, working its way to Raja Ampat dive sites in Western Papua from December through to April.

General Information

The Indonesian archipelago, located within the Coral Triangle, boasts the world’s highest marine biodiversity and offers truly unique diving in a picturesque island setting. This region is truly a dive mecca and high on most divers’ wish-list.

The same attention to detail was given in designing our cruise itineraries which include not only all of the usual popular diving sites in Indonesia, renowned worldwide for its biodiversity, but other world-class destinations that have been overlooked so far by most recreational diving operators. Moreover, the dates of Arenui’s cruises have been planned in such a way as to ensure the most favorable weather conditions and the best sightings of marine life according to the destination.

In Indonesia, whether it’s nudibranchs and rhinopias you’re after, or manta rays and schooling fish, this region really has it all. From black sand muck dives to crystal clear drift dives, from warm water to cold, Indonesia is a place to visit time and time again; once is never enough!

Arenui Boutique Liveaboard
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