Dive and Discover at Misool Eco Resort

At the edge of the world, nestled within the heart of the Coral Triangle lies Raja Ampat, Indonesia—an archipelago of more than 1,500 uninhabited islands at the very epicenter of the richest marine biodiversity on the planet. Scientists have discovered that these remote islands are home to 75% of the world’s known species of corals and ornamental fish. With more than 2,000 species of fish and the unique topography of the most diverse coral reefs at your fingertips, it’s no surprise Raja Ampat is considered the holy grail of scuba diving excursions.

Located on the private island of Batbitim in Raja Ampat, Misool Eco Resort and Conservation Centre is one of the most remote scuba diving resorts on Earth. Divers, snorkelers and marine photographers can discover the region’s pristine coral reefs, picturesque topography, and unparalleled library of marine life in idyllic isolation. With a host of over 25 scuba diving sites, our guests can explore the wonders of the island’s local reefs through deeper dives and liveaboard adventures, or take a shore dive amongst House Reef dwellers like the gorgonian sea fans and spotted Nembrotha.

Divers can journey through manta ray cleaning at Magic Mountain, which doubles as a nursery for White Tip Reef Sharks and a love nest for Napoleon Wrasse. Over on Nudi rock, teeny tiny critter lovers and macro photographers will prickle in delight, as they get up close and personal with the likes of a shy pygmy seahorse or glossy-shelled cowries. And while on a relaxing dive or snorkel at the House Reef, guests might find themselves swimming alongside a plodding sea turtle or a brilliant cavalcade of colorful reef fish. One might even spot the newly discovered ‘walking’ epaulette shark, usually found scuttling along the House Reef.

Enjoy an intimate dive experience of 4-6 divers, beaches of white sand and dazzling views of Raja Ampat’s smaller islands. Cottages built upon stilts over the serene North Bay and luxury villas that overlook the crystal clear turquoise waters of the crescent-shaped North Lagoon. Their Dive Center can also accommodate private guide services if preferred. But the Misool Eco Resort is so much more to the region’s marine ecology than exclusive scuba diving—it’s a fully sustainable, aquatic preserve. Misool Eco Resort is proud to have played a role in creating a 46,000-km Shark and Manta Ray Sanctuary Raja Ampat.

Experience a true tropical paradise. You know it’s time.