Compass Point Resort & Ocean Frontiers

Compass Point & Ocean Frontiers in grand cayman

Located on the East End of Grand Cayman, Compass Point Condominiums are steps away from the ocean. Although the shoreline is rocky with limited swim access, there are two white sand beach areas which are secluded and uncrowded. You can enjoy the ocean view relaxing amongst the coconut palm trees on one of the hammocks or sun loungers. This Grand Cayman resort compromises of 28 luxurious one, two and three bedroom oceanfront and poolside condominiums, each with their own private patio or balcony. The beach resort also offers two pools, 1 hot tub and a BBQ grilling area with gas grills. Eagle Ray’s Dive Bar & Grill is located at the heart of this Grand Cayman resort. Sit-On-Top style ocean kayaks are available free of charge to all guests as well as cruiser style bikes.

General Information

Compass Point Resort is the true meaning of rolling relax, kick back and unwind. The resort could be called a land based live-a-board, with dive boats on your door step, ready to take you diving. Your bedroom is so close to the water and the dive boats, they like to say “Roll Out of Bed and onto the Dive Boat”- and this is the experience that all of guests love. Ocean Frontiers, the onsite dive shop, offers world class scuba diving on Grand Cayman’s east end which is renowned for pristine reefs and breathtaking wall diving, coupled with custom-built dive boats awaiting at the end of the dock, just a step away from your room. Enjoy a scuba diving vacation with your family at the Compass Point resort.

Scuba Highlights

Ocean Frontiers offers comprehensive training, a retail store, fresh water rinsing tanks and a dive gear storage area. Dives include the following:

Two-Tank Dives
Three Tank Safaris
Night Dives
Glow Dive – Night Ultra Violet
Wreck Dive – Kittiwake
Lionfish Hunt
Stingray Encounter (Snorkel)
Silver Rush (Summer Only)

The scuba diving boats are well equipped and furnished to meet your diving needs. Each boat has a fresh water shower, rinse tank and a separate rinse tank for cameras, a camera table, drinking water, lced Tea, Orange slices, Ginger Biscuits and fresh towels. There is a marine head on every boat.

Two Tank (Wall/Reef) boat trips are scheduled every morning and every afternoon, seven days a week. Night scuba dives are scheduled every Monday and Thursday night. Stingray city trips are scheduled every Friday and a Three Tank Safari scuba dive trip every Wednesday.

Marine Life

Parrot fish
Queen Angels
Bermuda Chubb
Eagle Rays and Sting Rays
Black Coral, Purple Sea Fans, Barrel sponges

Travel Highlights

Cruiser style bikes are available free of charge for all guests at Compass Point. Cruise up to the Wreck of the Ten Sail monument, or to the Lighthouse Park – a trip to the village of East End. You can also enjoy the ever entertaining Blow Holes which are located 2.5 miles to the West of this Grand Cayman resort. The Blow Holes are caused by waves crashing on the shoreline and being forced through a small hole in the iron shore, causing a spout of water blowing up to 40 feet high.


Compass Point Condominiums are located on the untouched pristine east end of the island. This Grand Cayman resort is approximately 21 miles East from Grand Caymans international airport and approximately 2 miles past the village of East End.

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