Damai II

The newest vessel, Damai II, was designed to offer superior diving experiences in the Indonesian Archipelago. The ship was constructed in 2011, South Sulawesi, by traditional builders who were also the designers of Damai I. Damai II liveaboard diving vessel has a deck length of 40 meters and a beam of 9 meters at its widest point. The ship has been designed to offer exceptional services, built to an uncompromising standard, and fitted out with all the latest diving, navigation, and safety equipment.

Damai II liveaboard diving vessel is more substantial than previous vessels, offering three large decks, an outside dining facility, massage and spa treatment, and extra space for lounging and sunbathing.

Damai II liveaboard

Damai II liveaboard features seven spacious and luxurious cabins, featuring air conditioning, windows or portholes, private hot showers, cubicle toilets, cable TV, reading lights, cabinet, bedside tables, a 220V power outlet, bedding, and space for luggage. Each cabin measures approximately 20sq. Mts. (225 sq.ft.) and features luxury furniture. The master cabin features a private balcony with loungers, a super-king size bed, day beds, two desks, and a private shower.

Our customers enjoy a four to one divemaster to diver ratio on the Damai II. Other facilities available include individual rinse tanks, and a camera room with camera work stations. The Damai II is also equipped with first aid kit, life vests, oxygen tanks, and two emergency rafts.

Damai II runs the most beautiful itineraries of Indonesia. It includes Raja Ampat, which offers the most prominent school of fish and coral species. The region is well known to provide divers with a wide variety of marine life. You will come face to face with up to 1,437 reef fish species in every direction. Divers may also encounter more than 700 species of mollusk which include seven species of giant clam, as well as 2,300 known species of nudibranch, manta, dolphins, and sunfish.

Visit Komodo Island during the trip, where you can swim with dolphins, mantas, and sunfish. Of course, Komodo Island is the first place where you will find the big lizard, Komodo Dragons. Cenderawasih Bay is also on the Damai II’s itinerary which features swimming with whale sharks.

General Information

The best ship is only as good as her crew, and this is another area where DIVE DAMAI shines. Every trip is managed by a highly qualified and experienced western cruise director, complimented by an ever-helpful Indonesian crew, all of whom are dedicated to making your diving holiday the trip of a lifetime.

Damai II liveaboard

Scuba Highlights

Unlimited dives and a maximum 4 divers-per-guide ratio is just the beginning. Expert dive guides will always check currents, temperature, and visibility prior to a dive. Diving the best sites at the best times to find the best wildlife is the goal each and every dive day. Take advantage of the extra large camera station and your very own personal rinse tank just a few of the Damai II’s main features. Itineraries to Gorontalo, Komodo, Raja Ampat, Banda Sea, and Cendrawasih throughout the year create a want, to be a repeat client of the Damai II.

Travel Highlights

DAMAI offers you the perfect platform from which to experience the variety of Indonesia. Cruise around this vast archipelago, stopping off to explore remote islands; interact with rare and fascinating cultures; snorkel or dive on reefs inhabited by the greatest diversity of species on the planet; search for unique and exotic bird and animal life or just relax in comfort and style out on the ocean.


Following the trade winds, DAMAI positions its vessels in different areas of the country, offering diverse itineraries. With a combined experience of over 25 years diving in Indonesian waters, the Damai staff and crew have a highly detailed knowledge of the waters of the archipelago.

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