Misool Eco Resort

Misool Eco Scuba diving Resort offers two levels of accommodation. The ten deluxe Water Cottages are located in the North Bay, built on stilts over the water. They are just steps from the Dive Centre and restaurant. Stairs lead from your private veranda down into the placid bay, and the House Reef is about 100 fin-kicks away.

Water Cottage

The ten luxurious Water Cottages rise on stilts over the placid North Bay. Each of these spacious cottages features a private veranda on which you`ll enjoy gentle tropical breezes and glorious equatorial views. With steps leading down from your veranda, the house reef is just a short snorkel away. Each cottage is equipped with air conditioning, a comfortable double bed, an outdoor day bed, an en suite bathroom, and hot water.

Villa Tabisasu

Villa Tabisasu is a gorgeous 2-room villa is conveniently located near the dive center. It’s built on the outer edge of the North Lagoon and its massive outdoor living area faces east, enjoying a glorious sunrise views, all your own.

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General Information

The Dive Center is spacious and airy, with dedicated wet and dry areas to suit professional videographers, photographers, and recreational divers alike.

The wet room is 52.5 sq meters and is furnished with plenty of camera tables and work stations. Each cottage is assigned its own kit storage area in the Dive Center. The kitting up platform is quite roomy, with 75 sq meters. Within the 48 sq meter dry area, you`ll find computer stations, comfortable lounge chairs, and a monitor for viewing the day’s images. The sunny veranda is 120 sq meters, perfect for drying out between dives and enjoying the topside views.

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Misool Eco Resort is located in the remote southern part of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. The small resort is located on the private island, Batbitim. The property is nestled deep in a vast archipelago of uninhabited islands, 240 kilometers from the nearest resort and half a day`s journey from the nearest village.
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Travel Highlights

In 2006, Misool Eco Resort reached an agreement with the local villages and secured the rights to 200 sq km of see surrounding the resort island, Batbitim. Inside this Marine Protected area (MPA), all fishing, cyanide fishing, bombing, shark finning, harvesting of turtle eggs and shellfish are prohibited.
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Scuba Highlights

Raja Ampat is home to the world`s richest reefs. Located at the heart of the Coral Triangle, the region sprawls over 180,000 square kilometers and boasts the majority of the world`s reef-building corals. In fact, in an area the size of two football fields, scientists discovered more than six times as many coral species as live in the entire Caribbean Sea.
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Raja Ampat has over 700 species of mollusks and 1,200 species of fish. Counted among those is the newly discovered `walking` epaulette shark, commonly seen on night dives on the house reef in front of the resort.

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