Juliana’s Hotel and Sea Saba

Juliana’s Hotel and Sea Saba

The Unspoiled Queen is the name Saba is known by. This tiny island nation looks like a mountaintop jutting up from the ocean floor up to 2910 feet high. This dormant volcano is adorned with tropical vegetation and home to only 1400 people. The ambience is friendly, relaxing, fresh and addicting. So is the pace of the people who live there.

Sea Saba is a fixture on Saba and has been offering their expertise on the best dives in the Marine Park for many years. Their personal attention to detail and professionalism has earned them the outstanding reputation they are known for.

While there are several boutique hotels and small cottages on Saba, we have always preferred Juliana’s, the most popular. Located on the Windward Side perimeter, this intimate hotel offers both garden and ocean view rooms. There are also four Saban cottages adjoining the main property and are more suited to those who prefer a home space to a hotel room.

For an Ultimate Dive Travel experience in the Eastern Caribbean, there is no better combination than Sea Saba and Juliana’s Hotel.

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