Lembeh Resort

Lembeh Resort

Lembeh Dive Resort is a famous dive resort in Lembeh Island. Formerly known as Hairball Resort, the dive resort features nine identical sea view bungalows that have been designed with local material. The Bungalows are spacious, private, and equipped with air conditioner, en-suite bathroom, TV, safe, fans, and a minibar.

The location is at the center of Lembeh Strait. The resort offers accommodation that suits all budgets, from single rooms to suites. Lembeh Dive Resort is a 90-minute drive from Manado airport. Other facilities in Lembeh Strait include an open-air restaurant serving both local and international cuisine, a bar, swimming pool, a camera room, gift shop, satellite TV, Laundry services, fire pit, and a Spa.

Lembeh Dive Resort

The Lembeh Dive Resort operates three full-service boats. This purpose-built boat is famous for muck diving into black volcanic sand. The purpose-built boats return to the Lembeh Dive Resort after each dive allowing photographers to make changes to their equipment and divers to relax. The resort offers a guide in the ratio of 3:1. The custom-made boats are spacious and have everything you need from coffee and tea makers to snacks, towels, and emergency oxygen.

Lembeh Dive Resort offers a range of PADI approved courses, including photography certification. PADI certification is also available for diving education. Nitrox and NAD’s dedicated waterproof cameras are available on rent. Furthermore, underwater highlights are numerous too; mimic octopus, mandarin fish, hairy frogfish, water snakes, sea moths, cardinalfish, stargazers, squids, shrimp, Pegasus, seahorses, cuttlefish, and a whole lot more.

Lembeh Dive Resort is available all year. The resort temperature varies from 26 to 29 degrees Celcius; this is colder than Bunaken. We recommend divers wear 5 mm wetsuits during diving activities. Visibility also varies at different times of the year in various sites.

Lembeh Dive Resort has a full-time biologist and researchers on site who invest a considerable amount of time researching the critters and marine life of Lembeh. The resort indulges itself to communal activities to help create a sustainable environment for marine life.

General Information

Diving Lembeh Strait can be accomplished year-round owing to the sheltering influence of Lembeh Island. No matter what inclement weather system may be passing, or how strong the currents may be, there will be numerous sites with calm conditions suitable for easy for diving.

Lembeh Dive Resort

Scuba Highlights

Lembeh Strait has already been established as the mecca of what is known as muck or critterdiving. Professional photographers and film crews are regular visitors to the strait, shooting award-winning images of the extraordinary inhabitants that mesmerize divers dive after dive.

Marine Life

Pygmy seahorses, mimic octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, mandarinfish, hairy frogfish, ghost pipefish, rhinopias, pegasus seamoths, banggai cardinalfish, stargazers, bobbit worms, harlequin shrimp, candy crabs, bobtail squid, devilfish, snake eels, etc.

Travel Highlights

The water temperature varies, but is usually 26-29 degrees Celcius. This is a usually a bit cooler than Bunaken, so a 5 mm full wetsuit is recommended. Visibility also varies, between sites as well as time of the year. It fluctuates between 5-30 meters, lower at the muck sites compared to the more open northern sites, but usually rests in the 12-15 meter range at most of the more popular central sites.


North Sulawesi, Indonesia offers unparalleled marine biodiversity, with a wide range of dive experience options. But for divers interested in searching out encounters with bizarre and beautiful critters, Lembeh Strait, located near the port town of Bitung, hosts some of the best muck diving on the planet.

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