MV Caribbean Explorer II

MV Caribbean Explorer II

The M/V Caribbean Explorer II comfortably accommodates 18 scuba divers in 9 double staterooms, all of which have private bathroom facilities and most of which have queen-sized beds. The semi-enclosed, air-conditioned salon on the upper deck includes dining tables, TV, VCR, CD/DVD, video library, light table and lounge area; a large sundeck with lounge chairs is aft of the main salon.

The vessel’s boutique is located on the main deck, and the photo/video lab is below decks. There are two sets of stairs accessing the dive platform, where two in-water ladders hang for easy access to and from the water. The Caribbean Explorer II is also equipped with a satellite telephone for outgoing calls worldwide.

General Information

The dive deck is equipped with a bathroom, individual gear lockers, camera table with low pressure air hose, recharging station, air and Nitrox filling stations, tank racks, and a separate fresh water rinse for both scuba and underwater camera equipment.

Scuba Highlights

There is normally little appreciable current at the sites we visit, and visibility is generally between 50 and 150 feet. Most divers are comfortable with a 3mm wetsuit in summer, and up to a 5 mm wetsuit in winter. Your dives will be done from the vessel itself, taking advantage of the easy-access dive platform and other on board amenities. Entries are usually made from the side exit gates into the water, a drop of 4 feet or so.

Travel Highlights

The weather in the Eastern Caribbean is remarkably consistent year-round. The temperatures range from the 70’s (F) or higher in the winter months to the low 90`s during the summer, with nearly constant sea breezes. Water temperatures range from a low of about 76 degrees F in winter to a high of about 85 degrees F in summer.

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