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At Neptune Divers we look forward to making your SCUBA diving vacation a fun and memorable experience offering you the best of Grand Cayman’s underwater world! We specifically cater to individuals and small SCUBA travel groups who are looking for personal attention as well as scuba diving freedom by only taking out 8 SCUBA DIVERS MAXIMUM!

Our fun and friendly experienced staff guides every dive sharing their knowledge and love of the underwater realm and its inhabitants. We are computer friendly and buddy teams are welcome to buddy up and explore at their own pace.


General Information

In addition to our certified divers, Neptune’s Divers offer a wide range of Instruction. Full Certification SCUBA Courses are set up to fit your vacation. They can complete your training through the Open Water Referral program or PADI ELearning.
They also offer instruction for those wanting to experience diving for the first time through their SCUBA Resort Course.

Scuba Highlights

We offer 2 tank trips twice daily departing at 9 AM and again at 1 PM. We dive the West, North and the South Sides of the island from our fast, comfortable and well equipped 30 ft. Custom Spencer and our 36 ft. Custom Crusader.

Related Excursions

The regulars but No trip to the Grand Cayman is complete without a visit to World Famous Sting Ray City, the most exciting 12 foot dive you’ll ever do.

Marine Life

Parrot fish
Queen Angels
Bermuda Chubb
Eagle Rays and Sting Rays
Black Coral, Purple Sea Fans, Barrel sponges


Located on the largest of the three Cayman Islands is Grand Cayman. Neptune Divers is located on the west side of the island and dives the West, South, and North sides of the island.

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