Ocean Hunter I

Ocean Hunter I

The Ocean Hunter I has been specifically designed by divers, for divers. Unlimited scuba diving is conducted off a spacious diving platform at the stern of the boat and hardly ever off a chaseboat – so you can climb right back onto Ocean Hunter I when you’re done and take a warm freshwater shower!

Ocean Hunter I has three cabins with private bath and a/c, and accommodates up to 6 guests, which means uncrowded reefs, ease of entry into the water, personal attention and maximized bottom time. Furthermore, Ocean Hunter I is designed for professional underwater photography, with a big working area and more than 60 electrical outlets (110 and 220 volt), extra storage space, and E-6 processing available overnight. NITROX tanks and certification are available onboard. Our chef serves fresh low-fat gourmet cuisine. Built by the pioneer divers of Palau for others to explore Palau’s waters, reefs, caves and wrecks for themselves in comfort and intimate luxury, Ocean Hunter I provides a high-class, unrivalled liveaboard experience for diving the true Palau.

Ocean Hunter

About Ocean Hunter I

Length : 60ft (20m)
Beam : 15.5ft (5m)
Draft : 5.5ft (1.8m)
Speed : 7 knots
Displacement : 30 tons
Construction : Steel
Engines : Twin 175 hp
Generators : 2 by 15 KW
Available Voltage : 110/220 VAC 12 VDC
Water Tankage : 750 gals., day watermaker
Fuel Tankage : 750 gals.
Electronics : GPS, Cellular Phone, 48 mile radar, Depthsounder, Fishfinder, VHF, HF Radio, CD, DVD, VCD. TV and VCR with support for European PAL, SECAM and American NTSC.
Chaseboat : 18ft inflatable
Dive compressors : Bauer 5 & 3.5 c.f.m.,: 18 scuba tanks: NITROX onboard
Safety : Full safety equipment for USCG requirements, Emergency O2 Kit.
Guest Accommodations : For 6 guests, 3 double cabins with private head and shower and a/c

Another great advantage of diving from the Ocean Hunter is there are practically no “chase boat rides”. Say goodbye to those fancy skiffs and 30-minute rides to and from the dive site, which are required by the bigger liveaboards in Palau. Because of its small size and shallow draft, the Ocean Hunter will usually take you directly above the dive site. All you do is jump off the main boat from the comfortable dive platform. Some sites visited are even inaccessible by day boats and bigger liveaboards. And when your dive is over, you can climb back onboard and take a warm, freshwater shower, right on the dive deck, before being offered a delicious snack, such as cake or a fresh fruit smoothie. Where you live and where you dive is only a jump away!

General Information

Unlimited diving and unlimited bottom time are the two main doctrines that make the Ocean Hunter so unique. We promise that you can dive whenever you want- some guests have done as many as seven dives per day while others stick to two. There is great flexibility aboard Ocean Hunter because of the small number of people, so you can create dive profiles that suit your personal needs.

Scuba Highlights

Diving off the Ocean Hunter means you get personal attention, reefs without a crowd, easy entry into the water, and maximum bottom time! Instead of waiting for 20 other divers to surface or have them waiting for you, you and your buddy can stay under the water as long as you like, without any pressure. A divemaster, after giving a briefing, will enter the water with you on every dive to guide, guard and assist. Night dives are offered every night.

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