Solitude One

Solitude One

Discover luxury, relaxation and world-class diving on the MV Solitude One. This premier liveaboard sails the seas surrounding Palau, bringing divers and snorkelers to the best diving sites in the area.

General Information

Rebuilt from a 171-foot steel-hulled merchant vessel, MV Solitude One has undergone a complete makeover from her original form to set new standards in hospitality and professionalism. With clients in mind, the vessel was purpose-built to incorporate smart design, luxury appeal and optimum functionality.

MV Solitude One has a total of 10 cabins that can accommodate a maximum capacity of 22 liveaboard guests. To offer guests all the comforts of home, the liveaboard cabins were designed with attention to a comfortable layout and delivery of modern amenities.

Scuba Highlights

Palau offers some of the most diverse dive opportunities, which include wrecks, walls, blue holes, cavernous hollows, swim-thrus, and a marine lake swarming with non-stinging jellyfish. Explore the five chambers of the underwater caverns at Chandelier Cave, hoping for a chance encounter with the elusive mandarin fish. Allow yourself to get lost in the beauty of a gorgeous reef system of lettuce, stag horn, and brain corals resting behind the stern of World War II Helmet Wreck dive site.

When diving with MV Solitude One, even the most traveled diver and underwater photographer discover unique biodiversity and impressive diving opportunities because of the three ocean currents that coverage on these islands.

Marine Life

A true scuba diver’s paradise, Palau is home to more than 700 species of coral and over 1,300 species of fish. Cruise on the MV Solitude One to sites where marine life thrives, such as butterflyfish, snappers, angelfish, sea turtles, sea fans, coral gardens, eels, rays, sharks, sea lions and dolphins.


The Republic of Palau is unrivaled as a diving destination. Situated between the Philippine Sea and northern Pacific Ocean, these striking limestone islands emerge from crystal clear sapphire waters.

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