Sunset House

Sunset House

If you’re looking for a large SCUBA resort on the beach, the Sunset House is not for you. We are a “scuba diving friendly” boutique, family owned hotel with only 52 rooms. Visitors to Grand Cayman come to Sunset House to escape the world for a while, soak up the sun, sit by the pool, make unforgettable diving trips and enjoy fantastic food at My Bar overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea!

General Information

Sunset House is situated in a predominantly residential area of Grand Cayman and offers plenty of SCUBA diving from both shore and boat.

Scuba Highlights

Visibility often exceeds 100 feet revealing some of the world’s most diverse aquatic life. Grand Cayman is also home to the worlds’ best 12 foot dive, the legendary Stingray City.

Marine Life

Parrot fish
Queen Angels
Bermuda Chubb
Eagle Rays and Sting Rays
Black Coral, Purple Sea Fans, Barrel sponges


The Cayman Islands 365 dive sites are sure to leave even the most seasoned divers awestruck; with deep dramatic walls adorned with sponges and corals, shallow reefs of fish and small invertebrates, and an assortment of famous wrecks, all in perfect 80 deg F water.

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