The Odyssey

The Odyssey

Also known as Truk, but was changed to its original name in 1986 when the Compact of Free Association went into effect. The compact is a 15-year political relationship with the United States that started in October 1986.

The Odyssey, Truk’s newest and finest liveaboard scuba diving vessel offers amenities that rival the world’s top liveaboard scuba diving packages. Six staterooms with either king-size or two twin beds, two private single staterooms and one stateroom with a double/twin bunk make up this amazing live-aboard. All staterooms have private facilities and air-conditioning, there is a large dining area with full commercial galley, a separate entertainment lounge with TV, VCR (PAL & NTSC), stereo, library, large slide table, and bar – everything you need to make your Micronesia liveaboard scuba diving trip the experience of your dreams!

Odyssey lounge

General Information

Chuuk state consists of seven major island groups lying within the Eastern Caroline Islands, about 617 miles (1028 km) southeast of Guam and 3,262 miles (5,436 km) southwest of Hawaii. The total land mass of Chuuk state, including the outer islands, is approximately 77 square miles (128 km)

Location: 7 degrees North, 149 degrees East
Native Inhabitants: Chuukese
Official Language: Chuukese and English
Currency: US Dollar
Time: Greenwich Mean Time +10
Telecommunications: International telephone, telex and facsimile service is available from the larger hotels and the FSM Telecommunications Center. The country code for telephone and facsimile service is 691 and the telex code is 729.
Postal System: US Postal Service
Electricity: 110 volts/60 cycles
Climate: Between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit (26-30 degrees Celsius); averaging 81 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius)
Water temperature: 82-84 degrees
Seasons: Dry season between December and April; Rainy season, April to December.
Rainfall: Annual average is approximately 115 inches
Getting there: United Airlines with routings through Guam and Honolulu.
Flying time: 5 hours from Los Angeles to Honolulu, 7 hours from Honolulu to Guam, 2 hours from Guam to Chuuk – all figures are approximate.
Departure tax: $20 US cash collected at airport prior to departure


About Odyssey

– Seven staterooms (14’ x 8 ’) with either king size or 2 twin beds
– Two private single staterooms (11’ x 6’)
– ALL staterooms have private ensuite facilities, air-conditioning controls, DVD player, and are carpeted
– Carpeted and air-conditioned throughout the vessel
– Large dining area with full commercial galley
– A separate entertainment lounge with TV, VCR (PAL & NTSC), DVD, stereo, library and bar

Dive Deck Facilities Include:
– Personal dive lockers
– Two gear rinse tanks
– Large, convenient dive platform
– Two dive ladders
– Fixed safety/deco bar
– Tanks filled at your seat
– Freshwater shower
– Warm deck towels
– Nitrox, for certified Nitrox divers
– DIN or yoke valves
– Tanks (alum 80 and steel 108), weights, and belts
-Certifications available

Technical Diving Facilities

– Double aluminum 80 tank systems
– Dual valve isolation manifolds, DIN or yoke
– Aluminum 30’s for deco gases
– Fixed deco bar

Photo Facilities Include:
– Large 3-tier camera table
– Two camera rinse tanks
– Battery charging station

A Typical Dive Day Aboard Odyssey

Since each day aboard Odyssey offers new adventures, no day is really typical. Nothing is routine and our schedule will vary depending on location.

The day aboard Odyssey begins after a 7:00 a.m. hot breakfast with your first dive briefing around 7:45. You will be able to do two dives before lunch. During lunch, we usually move to a new site. After lunch, you have the option to either do another dive or relax on the either of the sundecks or in the privacy of your own stateroom. A late afternoon dive is also offered. Around 6:30 p.m. a sumptuous dinner will be waiting for you. After dinner, you may choose to do a night dive. At night guests usually, gather in the entertainment lounge to enjoy a movie, or review what was captured that day in video.

Since most of the dive sites in Truk Lagoon are fairly close to each other, it is easy for us to move around. The best part about diving aboard Odyssey is that we don’t require everyone to dive at the same time. So it is not unusual for you and your buddy to be the only divers on a 500′ wreck. For photographers, this offers more opportunities to shoot those popular scenes without having to wait for others to move out of the way.

Diving in Truk Lagoon is an adventure you will never forget. WWII wrecks are scattered across 77 square miles. The wrecks are covered with life. There are over 300 varieties of hard and soft corals. On the outer reef, you’ll find mountains of coral that stretch as far as the eye can see, and drops off into the abyss. Here it is not unusual to see pelagic sharks.

The water temperature ranges from 82 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Visibility ranges from 30′ to 100′ depending on where you are in the lagoon and there is little current.

Commonly Visited Wreck and Reef Sites

Ship NameHighlightsLengthDepth Range
Fujikawa MaruLush coral growth. Zero airplane fuselages and wing sections.439′0′-120′
Yamagiri Maru18″ diameter artillery shells of Battleship Musashi.437′60′-120′
Nippo Maru2 man tank and artillery guns on deck. Photogenic wheelhouse.353′50′-150′
Heian MaruTorpedoes and submarine telescopes. Massive size.510′35′-100′
Sankisan MaruLush soft coral growth on mast. Machine gun ammunition in hold.200′0′-100′
Hoki MaruTrucks, bulldozer and tractor in hold. Massive destruction of bow.250′45′-150′
Unkai MaruPhotogenic bow gun. Good coral growth on masts.360′30′-130′
Rio de Janiero MaruAwesome size. Photogenic propellers. Large engine room.461′40′-120′
Hanakawa MaruLush soft and hard coral growth.363′10′-100′
Fumitzuki DestroyerBow and stern guns, torpedo launcher.320′80′-120′
Betty BomberJapanese small twin engine bomber.60′50′-60′
Momokawa MaruAircraft parts, truck frames and artillery shells.380′80′-150′
Shinkoku MaruLush coral growth. Fantastic marine life. Excellent engine room.500′30′-130′
Aikoku MaruMassive destruction of bow. Photogenic stern gun.270′100′-200′
San Francisco MaruTanks on deck. Trucks, mines, bombs and ammunition in holds.375′100′-200′
Pizion ReefWall dive. Large coral heads in the shallows. Sharks 15′-200’+
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