Indonesia Scuba Diving Resorts & Liveaboards

Scuba Diving Trips in Indonesia

Indonesia is an epicenter of biodiversity! It is the home of more marine life than any other region in the world. It features 17,508 islands and is located at the heart of the coral triangle, making Indonesia dive resorts a diver paradise. With over 3000 different species of fish, 20% of the world’s coral reefs, deep trenches, 600 coral species, countless macro life, and World War II wrecks, Indonesia offers some of the most fantastic dive areas that surpass what you might expect from a single nation.

Indonesia Dive Resorts accommodate beginning and seasoned divers who are looking for an excellent underwater escapade. Indonesia delivers an ideal location for diving, providing beautiful and striking marine life. Taking pictures while exploring with liveabroad Indonesia is inexpensive! Visitors are allowed to experience the magical island on a different budget and enjoy exhilarating experiences.  

Experience the cool waters of Komodo, drift through to the classic fields of Raja Ampat, and experience the numerous marveling fish in the Banda Islands. If you are looking to capture some pictures, the wild critters of Sulawesi await you!

Ultimate Dive Travel offers all packages which suit the visitor’s needs, including scuba diving Indonesia packages in Gangga Island, Kungkungan, Sulawesi, Lembeh, and Papua where you can stay in comfort on the doorstep of the most amazing marine life. Indonesia dive resorts allow divers to explore and experience the diversity of marine life in the area. Indonesia dive resort packages have been scaled up to a level of relaxation in beautiful water cottages, and offer guests a perfect view of the ocean from the verandas.

If you are looking for liveaboards Indonesia, Komodo and Raja Ampat are the primary locations that offer superb sceneries. With these liveaboards Indonesia safaris, you can explore remote sites and diverse water bodies comfortably.

For plenty of fish action, encounters with sharks and mantas or Komodo dragons, Indonesia Dive Resort offers guests an experience that exemplifies the explanation of a beautiful boutique dive vacation. Experience-looking divers can visit such deep places as Banda Island, Papua, and many more while on tour. 

Indonesia dive resorts offer everything from specialized and luxurious accommodations to luxurious cowboy operations. The Indonesia safaris cater for all budgets and provide holiday possibilities to all, and include diverse and abundant marine life. Be aware that exploring the reefs of the island and scuba diving in deep water can become an addictive pastime. Fantastic times await you in Indonesia!

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Indonesia Dive Resorts

Gangga Island Resort offers fifteen elegantly furnished & air conditioned wooden bungalows built on stilts with a spacious veranda overlooking a white sand beach in the shade of coconut trees, surrounded by a garden of tropical trees.

Kungkungan Bay Resort is nestled on the site of an old coconut plantation on the Sulawesi coast of Lembeh strait. Located on the sunrise side of the peninsula, the view from the guest accommodations encompasses rugged Lembeh Island and the smaller Serena Island.

Lembeh Resort offers comfortable accommodations set in beautifully landscaped tropical gardens overlooking Lembeh Strait. For a truly exceptional experience in a relaxed and professional atmosphere, Lembeh Resort is a great Scuba diving choice.

Built on an idyllic tropical island, surrounded with pristine reefs and unspoiled ora and fauna, Papua Paradise Eco Resort brings you closer to Mother Nature at her best. Situated in the heart of Raja Ampat the resort has all the essential standards of service and comfort, making it an un forgettable holiday for diver, snorkelers, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts.

Bali charms visitors from all over the world. Known for its balmy weather, lush green rice fields, tropical vegetation, deep azure blue seas and rich exotic culture, Bali rates as one of the world’s top vacation destinations.

Experience Western-style comforts in a traditional Papuan setting. Located on a beautiful deep lagoon and white sand beaches of Kri Island in West Papua, the all-inclusive scuba dive resort in Indonesia is central to the most spectacular dive sites in Raja Ampat.

Sorido Bay Resort

 When you’re thinking of taking a diving vacation, you ideally want the best from every aspect of your hard-earned time out. Because, at Tasik Divers, we’re divers too, we totally understand what you want and work hard to deliver it.

Bringing together over 25 years of dive industry experience from all over the world, our management team is comprised of a team of 7 people (including 6 instructors) with a collective 12 years experience working in the Raja Ampat region.

Indonesia Liveaboards

Indonesia has the most dive locations of any other place in the world. Toss in their 3,000+ species of fish, WWII wrecks, underwater volcanic formations, and immensely deep trenches – and it’s easy to see why this is one of the most recommended locations to visit. You simply can’t take it all in without a liveaboard. There are right around 500 dive sites to choose from. Travel and choose from many options of Indonesia Liveaboards.

The Gaia, meaning “Mother Earth,” represents a new breed of Indonesian liveaboards. Designed and built in Batam, Indonesia, it is specifically for sailing and exploring the surrounding waters. Ultimate Dive Travel was the first American wholesaler to check out the liveaboard in person. The amount of detail that has gone into customizing the boat according to divers’ needs is nothing short of impressive.

At the Arenui, we are proud and thrilled to have transformed a dream into reality: diving cruises without the hardship. The Arenui dive liveaboard is a traditional and magnificent Phinisi, a classic Indonesian wooden sailing vessel, set to explore the majestic underwater world of the Indonesian archipelago. Without doubt we can boast one of the finest crews in Indonesia. With 22 crew serving a maximum of 16 guests, we aim to make your cruise a truly relaxing and first-class experience.

Specifically designed for divers the Damai I is equipped with the latest navigation, communication and safety equipment. It has an overall length of over 40 meters (130 feet) and a beam of over 8 meters (26 feet.) The vessel has been designed with three large deck areas for relaxing either in the sun or shade and 6 cabins and a maximum of 10 guests means more than enough room for everyone. Enjoy unlimited diving, gourmet meals including unlimited house beverages, land tours and your 1st spa treatment is on the house.

Specifically designed for divers the Damai II is equipped with the latest navigation, communication and safety equipment. It has an overall length of over 40 meters (131 feet) and a beam of over 9 meters (29 feet.) The vessel is slightly larger than the Damai I ensuring three large outside deck areas with an outside dining facility, our famous massage and spa treatment area and plenty of extra lounging and sunbathing space. There are 6 cabins and a maximum of 10 guests which means more than enough room for everyone. Enjoy unlimited diving, gourmet meals including unlimited house beverages, land tours and your 1st spa treatment is on the house.

The Ultimate Luxury Liveabord Diving Adventure, The Dewi Nusantara team has long been at the very forefront of the dive and cruise liveaboard industry in this fascinating area of Asia. After 16 years of continuous operations, our experience in the dazzling waters of the Indonesian archipelago is unparalleled.

The Seven Seas is a 45m liveaboard Buginese schooner accommodating 16 quests in 4 double rooms and 4 twin rooms. The double rooms feature king size beds and the twin rooms house large single beds, bunk style. Each room has its own en-suite bathroom with showers, full sized WC and hairdryers. Built for comfort, the Seven Seas features a main lounge as well as a dining area both with air conditioning. The liveaboard SCUBA boat includes a lounging area with shaded lounge beds so that you can experience relaxation at its finest, live-aboard style.

The MSY Seven Seas liveaboard

At 33-meters long and 8.5-meters wide, the MSY Seahorse is a majestic and spacious liveaboard scuba diving vessel, accommodating up to 16 guests and attended by 12 crew. With a 380-hp MAN engine, the Indonesia liveaboard scuba diving ship has a cruising speed of 9-12 knots to ensure swift travel, so you can have time to experience as much of Indonesia scuba diving as possible. All cabins have individually controlled air-conditioning, private en-suite bathrooms with hot water and plenty of room for storage.

ADELAAR runs regular fixed departure cruises from Bali to Komodo and back all year round. Divers from around the globe join our signature 11 days 10-night intimate trips, to experience the spectacular dive sites in and around Komodo National Park. Whether a novice or seasoned diver, our guides will take you to explore these renowned world class dive sites. Between dives, relax and soak up the stunning imagery of wild Indonesia. Our journey begins in Bali, and as we set sail to the string of sleepy islands through to Komodo, you’ll notice life is so much better at sea. All this is done in comfort & style aboard our luxurious Komodo Liveaboard. Our schooner comfortably accommodates up to eight guests, in four exquisite cabins.

Adelaar Komodo Liveaboard

Coralia is a liveaboard that is committed to creating sustainable and unforgettable human–nature experiences while protecting the oceans and developing the local communities. The eight spacious cabins, offer modern comfort and style while incorporating traditional details. With Coralia’s length of 48 meters, her decks are spacious and offer plenty of spots to enjoy the view, dine, sunbathe, or simply relax.